Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures, "M-Term", SEED BALLS

I thought I'd start this blog with some pictures. I have a lot. I have been taking more pictures around town.

That one is the shadow of a wiggly tree against the brick wall.
Looks like we will do one more round of One Month School. "M term" is next.
I think I'd like to do 6 weeks after our March session. I have a feeling we woon;t have school the 1st 2 weeks in April. and we'll have a light week the first week of May- if any at all. soo, who knows.
Have and ugly, empty lots in the neighborhood? Or maybe medians between the lanes that are just plain dirt? How about those patches of dirt at the on and off ramps?
Make Some SEED BALLS to propigate colorful flower growth to brighten up your neighborhood!
1 part seeds (native to your area)
3 parts compost (we used a mixture of worm casting, chicken manure, bat guano)
mix well
add 5 parts (red) powder clay (our wasn't red)
mix well
2 parts water a little at a time
mix well
form into balls (or dice small robots if it's my boys)
This is the homeschool project they did Yesterday. I am not sure if this is the exact ratios Michael used with the kids, though. I couldn't remember so I looked at a couple websites until I found one that was similar to his method.
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