Monday, February 2, 2009


J-term was GREAT! I still am unsure why Gavin CHOSE to do 2.5 hours of Physics daily- but he survived. Connor had a good school month. Ki enjoys his Church History, Culture, and Acting classes! G&C were fairly independent, but Ki was all ONE-ON-ONE and I need a break.And Gavin's brain seems to need a bit of a rest for all that Physics.

So we are taking the first week of FEB off from schooling. But we'll do a few fun things (and a few dr appointments)

I made lists/plans for the boys for their 3-WEEK*F-TERM.
all CD-ROM (independent) stuff with a little workbook for Ki (and reading for all).
Here are their lists: (I will email these too them)

• PHYSICS (Apologia CD)
• Beat The Market –Economics (Your Laptop)
• U.S. Government (Your Laptop
• Writing Master (use CD on your Laptop/jurnal/more detailed instructions to follow)
• ALEKS (math your laptop)
• Read a book. Finish it by Last Friday in February. Choose from the list:
 -The Frontiersman  -The Prince and the Pauper  -C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters & Out of the Silent Planet  -Lord of the Rings

• TYPING 20 minutes daily
• BIBLE- Read a devotional book daily (we have a few different ones from which to choose) OR Read one chapter in Proverbs daily.

*** I need to assign amounts, I guess, for Gavin

 MATH: ALEKS 4 hours a week
 SCIENCE: 3.5 hours a week
 TYPING: 20 minutes daily
 READING: choose one of the following to have read by Feb 27
o ---Time Cat
o ---Devil on the Deck
o ---Brighty of the Grand Canyon
o ---C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters OR Out of the Silent Planet
 HISTORY: choose U.S. or WORLD. Do 45 minutes 3 times a week
 WRITING: Use the CD (see mom) and do 30 minutes a day
 BIBLE: read in a devotional daily. (mom has some from which to choose)


o Math CD-ROM 2 days/week & workbook 3 days/week 30 minutes each day
o Language Arts: Workbook 3 days/week & CD ROM 2 days/week 30 minutes each day
o Science: Apologia (with mom) 3 days/week & SeaWorld Tycoon 2 days/week 30 minutes each day
o Critical Thinking CD ROM 4 days/week 30 minutes each day
o Social Studies: Carmen San Diego 4 days/week 30 minutes each day
o Going Places 2 days/week 45 minutes each day
o Bible: Read 30 minutes each day
o Penmenship(writingpractice) : 15 minutes each day

A few things need further details. Those will be orally explained the day we start.
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