Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hold on to your Hat!

For the next few days or so, some of these posts will be 'current' and some will be 'catching up'. Some may be both.
Today you get current. for now.
I started the day packing games for our trip to visit friends. They are having a game night. We are driving 4 hours to attend their game night.

Yes, that is a 31 Bag. I just got it. This will be it's maiden voyage.
Also today I got Ear Seeds. I asked for ear tacks and am upset that $60 later they were ear seeds. My regular puncture guy was closed today so I called another place. Dude. I was not super happy. But I got 10 seeds combined and will be activating the bejeebies out of them!

I have been having many migraines lately and really wanted actual ear tacks for the road-trip. These will have to do.
I have been making Peppermint Patties today. They are to bring to our friend's house. Ki was in charge if chopping the chocolate.

They are finally done and inn th fridge getting firm. I taste-tested one. OH MY YUMMINESS!!!!

CLICK HERE for the recipe. I changed it this time, substituting Coconut Oil for the milk and butter & adding some to the chocolate coating....

Brian got orders today from the Air Force. I get to see my boys next month!!!!
The older 2 are already in Ohio with my parents (read here)
OH, here is a finger nail picture I forgot. I wasn't super pleased with them. It was a trial thing.

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