Monday, July 9, 2012

I am BACK,

Hellooooo. It has been way too long since I blogged. With 2/3 of my boys gone, my husband gone on business half the time, dealing with a fibroid tumor the size of a honeydew melon,mother the 2 month surgery recovery....
I did not want to deal,with having to go to my husband's computer to blog.
Blogging from the iPad was just tedious and I couldn't get pictures to work.
Then I paid $4.99 for a Blogger App! This is my 1st post using The Blogpress App on the iPad.... My main issue is posting pictures... So let's try it!
My baby pumpkin

Looks like that worked!!
So, here is some updated info.....
My surgery to remove Frank the Melon-sized tumor was a success, though there some minor complications that made it a longer-than-anticipated surgery. Blah. No more tumor. No more uterus.
I think I have a picture of that, too..... The shiny blue rod is the Robot Arm that was performing the procedure. yes, I got to have robotic surgery!

I will leave you with a much better picture though...

Yippie for blogging abilities again.... I'll be back tomorrow!
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