Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ki and I planted 2 sunflowers a couple months ago. Two days ago we cut off their heads and dried them. Yesterday we took all the seeds out, sorted them, and soaked some in salt water over night.
NOW we are enjoying warm, fresh from the oven, roasted sunflower seeds! MMM!

We saved a dozen seeds to plant in February or March.

Gavin saved some tomato seeds. He scooped them out of the tomato, let them ferment a couple days, then dried them and put them in a ziplock bag for planting in March.

it's too bad I can't get Connor interested in foods we can grow. He did seem to almost like the radish Gavin grew last month, though.

I need to get some onion plants for him. He likes onions. He likes bell peppers, but wasn;t that keen on the peppers we grew.
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