Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I called today about getting a work permit for Gavin. I didn’t know which came first- applying for a job or getting a work permit so he can apply for a job. He needs to apply for a job and have a job lined up first, before he gets a work permit.

The lady wanted to now what school sponsors us. I told her we homeschool & are not sponsored by another school. She then asks about what charter school, or other private school, are we affiliated with. I told her we don’t go through a charter school; it’s just us. She was confused. I was confused as to what they wanted to know. I think the PSA I filed today will be good enough. I have a copy.

In order to grant a wok permit the schools need to have his grades approved. We don’t really ‘do grades’. So I have to go through websites to see what classes are offered in a typical 10th grade so I can figure out what we have done and how it applies to those topics then give a grade letter.
AND we have just had 1 month of school so far, what kind of grades do they expect after just 1 month?

I need an attendance record. I wonder if they’ll accept my “Days Absent Record” in the bottom drawer.

I never replaced our Social Security Cards. I had them in my purse when we were moving here. Dumb idea- but for a big move it seemed good at the time to have them handy. Well, my purse was stolen. I looked into getting them replaced. I forget what I found out, but for whatever reason I guess I decided as long as I have the numbers written down at the house (which I do), I didn’t need replacement cards.
Looks like I do now!

Unschooling would be a lot easier if no one ever required grades or records- but they do at some point. That’s where the “QUASI-“ part of quasi-unschooling comes in.

*small rant* He’s MY kid, I know what he’s doing daily, I know his schooling and as long as I sign that he can get a job he should be able to! It should not be at the discretion of a public school system he does not even attend! *end rant*

The PSA (Public School Affidavit) is always a little unnerving to me. It asks about administrator names and director titles, etc. It was easier in Ohio to submit a form. Just think; if we lived in Texas we’d not have to submit anything at all! But I filled it out and submitted it so we are legally submitted- whatever that means. It’s not approval or anything.
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