Friday, October 2, 2009

'boring' science class (and more)

Ki is learning about mollusks in science. I love Youtube for science class! Ki loves watching videos of the sea animals about which he's learning. Today was SHIPWORMS- which are pretty awesome! They are a clam species that bore into wood. They bore into piers and make them collapse. The bore into ships and cause them to sink. (some clams bore into coral, too)We found a goood video that showed some of the Mollusk parts that he was learning, like the foot and siphons. I then found some other videos for him to watch tomorrow or Monday. I always have a couple Youtube Days with his science. He loves that.

here are the videos we watched(and saved for later): this has no sounds, but is pretty informative and actually tells what to look for at different spots in the clip.
 a Swimming Scallop- Ki thought their description in his book was funny so I found this for him.

A walking Clam- again, Ki thought the picture in the book was interesting- the clam 'sticking out it's 'toungue' . SHARK vs OCTOPUS- because it has a mollusk and it's cool!!


today for math Ki listens to 4 Multiplication Table Songs ( I bought a few on iTunes), then 12D x 12D for 15 minutes. That means 2 dice that are both 12 sides- rolled and them multiply the numbers (he has to reroll 1s and 10s)


NanoFictionary- a fun little storytelling card game. We use the game or just the cards seperately for writing sometimes. Today was just picking cards and making a story and writing it. There are 4 types of cards. CHARRACTERS (ex: the household of 3, the alien disguised as a human, the invisible polar bear, etc), SETTINGS (ex: the ice-cream parlour, by locker 17, on the grounds of an insane asylum, etc), ,PROBLEM :('suddenly a fight broke out', ' everyone exlodes', 'trapped!', ' a terrble accident involving food'), and solutions ('duct tape saved the day again', 'the earth was destroyed', 'they spent 6 weeks in the hospital', etc)For this assignment they had to have 1 Character, 1 setting, and 1 problem. They could add one more of each and add a solution card too if they wanted help ending their stories.Ki decided to type his on the laptop. He is color coding the phrases that tell which cards he used.

FLIBBERTY KIDS!--Liberty Kids. they have both DVD 5 and DVD 6 from Netflicks.(and then reading time)
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