Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back in the Un-Saddle

I was writing an email and noticed on the bottom was my 'auto-signature'- which included a link to this blog. "WOW" I thought. "I've not blogged about our homeschooling for awhile!"

So I decided that is time to get back to my homeschool blogging.... We still haven't started back to schooling yet. I think we'll have 3 weeks of 'catch up', take a week off for going to the beach and having lots of fun, then get back into schooling.

Catching up? How does one fall behind when one unschools? Well, we just Quasi-Unschool.. and I feel that it's good to finish what you start, usually- but not always. G&K started apologia science courses last year-Physics & Zoology , but with our move to California, we took a lot of time from busy work to get used to our new surroundings- so They just made it half way through Zoology & Physics. G also just made it half way through the math he choose. (C finished his math and half of another math course)

Monday is G's birthday- so we'll start school Tuesday.

And my husband & think daily reading is important, so we have all been reading all summer.

This school year G will be in 10th grade, C in 9th and K in 7th- according to official paperwork.
What the boys have asked to learn this school year, so far:

G-Chemistry (after he finishes his Physics), finishing Algebra 2 and then Geometry (which might change when he finished Alg2)

C- I don't really know yet. He is doing a General Science course from Apologia, but I we haven't discussed math or anything else

K- is doing a second zoology. Last year he did water animals, this year I think is Land Animals. and we haven't discusses what and how for math- other than he doesn't like doing math on the computer.

So I have a lot to figure out before Tuesday I guess.
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