Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snippets from Our Day

They day started with us all sleeping in from our long Tuesday. The boys have PE, Boffer Sword combat, and Gymnastics/Karate (G&C-gymnastic/K-Karate). So they are very tired and sleep in on Wednesdays.
Breakfast was waffles. MMMmmm. And a Chai Latte for me. With the addition of Crystallized Ginger. They are round slices. I gave a small piece to Connor and one to Ki. Connor asks if it is a fruit. I tell him no, it’s a root. Well, that instantly gets Gavin’s attention!
[G]- “Square Roots!? I have a Square Root game…..”
[me] /thinking-‘ACK!’/ -
“no, it’s a ROUND ROOT. No square root games with a round root. It won’t work.”
[G] /oblivious to the discrepancy of the geometric shapes of the roots and once again trying to fit a round root into a square hole. /
“Connor, what’s the square root of 15?”
[C]- “7? I don’t know”
[G]- /doesn’t bother to let us in on the deep secrects of the square of 15/
“Ki, what’s the square root of 4?”
[K] /ignores Gavin/
[G] “Ki, how about the square root of 1, that’s kind of hard.”
[K] /ignores Gavin/
[me] “1.23?” /I am really pretty clueless and don’t care, but like to have fun blurting answers and can’t stand unanswered questions/
[G] “no” /to me/ then to Ki- “Ki. How about the square root of 1? That’s the easiest square root.”
[K] /ignores Gavin/
[me] “I don’t think Ki wants to play your Square Root game”
[G]- “Ki, you need to get better with square roots.”
[K] “why?” /apathetically/
[G]- “So you can do the Pythagorean theorem.”
[K] “why would I want to do that?”
[G] “so you can get into college. It’s just BASIC MATH!”
[me] “Gavin, Ki has 5 more yrs until he goes to college. He’ll learn what he needs when he’s ready.”
[Ki] – “SIX! I have six more years until college, I thought”
[me]-/counting on my fingers/.. “yep, it’s 6” /ki, lets out a BIG sigh of relief/
• See what happens when you don’t use grade levels- you never know exactly how many years until college!

After Ki did his Brain Gym Therapy, he played Math Blaster and did a page or 2 from his Miquon book.
A bit later I went outback to check on Connor and Ki. I asked Ki if wanted to do the sidewalk chalk project from his Science book that he asked about this morning. I was told “NO” by Connor, who informed me that Ki was doing experiments in Physics. Ki had a big stick and a bungee cord. Connor said that Ki had already tested gravity and found that the laws of gravity were indeed pretty accurate. I’m so glad I have Ki to prove the laws of science are accurate and hold true.

I left as Ki was testing, what I can only assume was Newton’s 3rd Law of motion, as he pulled the bungee cord back with 1 end attached to the stick to see how far it would launch in proportion to how far it was pulled back.

I then check on Gavin who is diligently hunched over his laptop and ask what he is doing. He tells me he is making a detailed model of the earth on Lightwave from some images he imported from a NASA Website. Then he goes on to tell me about the pixels and something about 500 yards I think; which is followed by a viewing of his earth model before it is renderable.

So I go to take my shower and Ki decided he’s ready to draw the Dinosaur head. He’s moved the picnic table and swept the back porch. We get out his science book and read about the Pliosaurs and the 9 foot head of the Kronosaur. Or was it a Kronosaurus? Anyhoot- He measure out 9 feet and larks the the ends. The he makes a cross measurement of 3 feet for the height of the head. He uses the picture in the book to draw the head with cone-shaped teeth. Then he labels his picture and lays down beside it to see how the huge mouth measures up to his body.

I still don’t know what Connor did today. I think he did some Geometry at a interactive math website. He was going to do some chemistry and reading.

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