Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I have not been documenting No Pants April very well this year.

here is my NoPants Outfit today: workout skirt.

 not very pretty skirt, but I gotta keep in shape at least one day a week.

 I was looking for posts from No Pants April last year...NONE! None, I tell you!  How am I to get the word out to everyone on the internet if I don't  bother posting about the No Pants April challenge?? I did find a few pictures on Instagram from last year, though....

I will do better this year.

my Friend, KRISTY @THE MAN CREW , is also joining the NO PANTS APRIL challenge (for the 2nd time!)- so go over to her page and tell her how pretty she is in her lovely skirts and dresses!

TAGS on Facebook and INSTAGRAM: #nopantsapril and  #nopantsapril2015
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