Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9, 2009

My body did not cooperate with my plans to have a great day. I still have a very sore throat. Sore throats are almost worse than Migraines. At least with Migraines I can take Fioricet and SLEEP. Nothing seems to help a sore throat and it hurts the just breath.
Connor is still a little sniffly, but seems to feel fine other than that, but Ki was feeling pretty lousy last night. Connor was, too. I gave them each a Nyquil Liqui-Gel. The package said ages 12 and up can have 2 pills. I just gave them 1. Ki’s normally awake on his own by 7. It’s 8:30 and he is still fast asleep. Connor slept in a little.
Morning Computer is normally over at 8, but with us mostly feeling kinda icky and Connor sleeping in till 7:55, I let him get on the computer after he finished his morning work. Gavin is making breakfast and Connor will get off when Gavin is done mixing the waffle batter.
Looks like Ki may not be up for much school today. I have some YouTubes on a playlist for him- different things on his school lessons, so he can watch those today. We’ll see how he feels. There will be no Math today if he’s not feeling well .

The boys have been watching lots of videos on Youtube Shark VS Octopus, How Dolphins Hunt, Crustacean Wars, etc. Ki has been reading in the Advanced Melee book all morning. THIS IS LONG- 55 minutes- about dolphins

Gavin researched and made some creatures for a Melee Scenario then planted some radish seeds after reading the back of the seed package and asking lots of questions. I didn’t think planning radish seeds was so mentally involved.

I Downloaded some Multiplication Songs from iTunes to help Ki and also review his Computer German FlahsCards.
That’s about it today.
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