Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On The Move

As soon as I got over Pneumonia- we were gone for a few days, then the house stuff started. Brian decided it was time to put the hous eonthe market, so I have been working with my Mother In Law most days. Packing, boxing, cleaning, painting, boxing and packing more..... She couldn't come over today, so I srcapbooked and tried to catch up on emails.

We aren't doing much school- and this is my school blog... so I don;t have much to write. Gavin has been reading about Moderns and Space Age weapons and Connor has been reading about the history of money. They will have little reports to do. Ki wants to learn about Martin Luther. But there's not a lot on him. Esp for kid age. So I read a bit to him and will read more. I'll have him do a time line and some vocabulary words.

I am once again trying to get Manuel to understand fractions. It's not going well. My boys are reading and memorizing verses about friendships and the imortance of choosing wise friends. Connor memorized an extra verse and was eager to tell it to me this morning.

Here are some pictures: some layuts I have made today-

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