Friday, September 28, 2018

P4P raglan hack

A Star Wars Tunic type top:
I stared with a patterns for a raglan shirt. (patternsforpirates slim fit raglan)

I cut the front bodice piece on the fold og my pattern tracing paper so my pattern piece would be the full front bodice:

I laid my 2 intended fabrics together and had my son edit them on his computer to give me an idea what it'd look like:

What My son did with my pictures:

I decided I liked it and wanted a tunic length.
I didnt take many pics along the way, so I will try to describe it well:

1. I cut out the Panel using the front bodice pattern piece, after holding the fabric up to me to see where I wanted the picture to be and then lining the pattern up with that.

2. I then used my straight edge and rotary cutter to cut the desired angle (keeping seam allowance in mind)

3. Lay the front bodice piece (it has the angle cut now) on top the multi-character fabric to make ure the pattern is even and in the correct space.
4. lay the pattern piece on top of the front bodice (that is on the skirt fabric).

5 cut the skirt to match up to the angled bodice. I started cutting 1 inch above the lower edge og the bodice on each side (which are different heights due to the angle)
 I cut down the rest the bodice side seams, extended it down, and faired out a bit, around 6 inches (to make it tunic length)

*at this point I just cut the lower edge straight across, as I wasnt sure how I was going to finish it.

6. I cut out 2 mirrored squares of fabric, large enough to be my pocket. (you might need a slightly bigger square to accommodate the angle.)

If you dont know how to do the inseam pocket, try this link. It's basically what I did, but instead on 2 waistband sections I sewed the pocket sections to the top and the bottom making them liked up:

7. Then I did the raglan like normal. and cut my hem at an angle.

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