Thursday, July 19, 2012

Save Yourself from the Burning Pits!

Public Service Announcement #93

I repeat; "DO NOT"

Do Not Use your husband's electric shaver on your arm pits right before a bike ride.

My pits were On Fire! It made my eyes water it hurt so much!!!

Now, onto the actual blog:

Some of you may recall that yesterday I passed my milage mark biking. I had been doing around 2 miles since my surgery (May 21)

I used MAPMYRIDE and plotted a course...
Hey, does that remind anyone else of PIMP MY RIDE? It does me. Every time.

Anyway, I plotted a course that was about 4.8 miles. more than double my usual. bad idea. (combined with the bad idea to use my husband's razor on my arm pits)

OI biked out- 2.4 miles. at about 2.3 my vision started getting just a touch warbly.

By the time I got home , it was like I was looking through fractured glass- where the fractures PULSE brightly.

and them the headache started.

2 Excedrin + 2 Ibuprofen + Starbucks = cleared vision and half the headache.

By bedtime, the fractured vision was back (LEFT SIDE OCULAR MIGRAINE).
Very Shortly followed by intense right side migraine head pain.

When My son gave me a good-night kiss, he jabbed my RIGHT eye. It was my last good eye! DARN!

So I have a throbbing, fractured vision left -eye.
A sore, throbbing right eye.
A bad Migraine.

I had taken 2 Excedrin + 2 Ibuprofen when it first started.
I should have just taken 2 Fioricet. It was a 2 Fioricet Migraine.

I lay in bed, in the dark, with my eyes closed and curled up in a ball almost puking.

Around 2 AM it had gone down a notch, or I was just so fatigued I had relaxed. And it was time for Fioricet.

I was still awake till 3-ISH, I bet.

SO- I am doing NOTHING today!

and taking more Fioricet.

Ki Made Dinner Last Night:

Pancake Buffet: Blueberries and dark chocolate chips are the BEST!

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Juli said...

Ouch on the razor burn and double ouch on the headache. Feel better.

Misty said...

seriously... YEP! evil hellishness...

Hubby uses MAPMYRIDE too!!! loves it.


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